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Medicine Music & Movement

Welcome. I am Chava (or Jaclyn) Horowitz. My path and passion in life is helping people to become better listeners: to the voice of your body and the whisper of your soul, to the rhythm of your feet as they meet the floor, to the stories of strangers, to the music of your own heart.

I believe better listening in all its forms is the medicine the world truly needs. Sacred sound healing and yogic arts are our doctors. 

Through sound-making and movement arts, we tap into the wisdom within us, and our capacity to heal ourselves. 

In my role as a yoga teacher, mantra meditator, and creative workshop leader, I help facilitate this transformative self-healing process. This process is exciting, collaborative, daring... and personal.


Mystical Yoga

During our yoga practice together, we will bathe in the unknown. Let’s explore the unchartered territory of our body and soul through the ancient healing art of yoga. On our deeply personal yoga journey together, you will begin to truly inhabit the divine architecture of your body.

My yogic path roots in a wide landscape of wisdom traditions, and I am inspired to incorporate Jewish/Kabbalistic, Vedic, Native American, and  Andean Shamanic wisdom and practices into my yoga classes. Learn more about me here.




Have no experience with music or singing? Afraid of the sound of your own voice? Together, we’ll turn that fear into power, as we discover the true force of your voice to express the deepest needs of your body and soul. Through sound, we can give form to our inner emotional and energetic reality. Working together, we will call in mantra, music, and instruments from a variety of lineages as guides in your healing journey. That’s okay. We invoke a variety of tools in our sound sessions, from seashells, to maracas, the harmonium, the ukulele, to the rhythms we create with our hands and feet.


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